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1979Visions.Com is presently being revised and restyled at this time in order to present the new and better montages mounted on 1/4" - 6mm thick PVC panels, cut 1" oversize on all sides, thus creating a border frame all around. All four corners have 90 degree rounded radius corners as well.

This newly revised site will provide images of these 60 or so montages as they with look mounted on these
1/4" - 6mm thick PVC panels with frames.

Mock-ups of these PVC panels will show these montages from 1979Visions -- as they would appear on a variety of colors provide by three of these PVC manufactures whose respected trade names are known
world wide as: Celtec, Sintra and Komatex.

These images are then positioned on a variety of different colored wall section backdrops, which I have
selected from Glidden Paint color charts. I will show at least three various frame color and wall color backdrops
for each montage. They look as 'mind blowing' as they are 'cool' to look at, if I may be permitted to say so myself.

All montages will be 36" wide, but some will vary height. Most montages will be of the same size and measure
36" by approximately 21" or so.

The images will be laminated to the PVC boards with protective 5mil thick transparent plastic sheets that have a matte finish that eliminates reflective glare and lets the beauty of the iconic images and text show through with amazing clarity.

Please check back in late October 2021, in the interim meantime I would suggest that anyone interested in the montages soon to displayed at 1979Visions.Com to please visit: https://1979westbrook.com/

As to the montage that I presently have on display here at 1979Visions.Com -- I only just created it. I worked on it from late September through October 6, 2021. The title 'May Massacres & Halloween Horror' speaks for itself.

I decided what with 'Halloween' coming up an all, that I should let the world know just what Halloween means to me and what some of the ghouls, criminals and psychos comprising certain elements in the so called U.S. National State were capable of back in 1979 and are even more disposed to create, now over 40 years later
in 2021.

This montage will also measure 36" across and have drop down where additional storyline text will appear.
These are represented by the three white rectangles that appear at the bottom of this montage.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at: 79westbrook@ProtonMail.com

See you then J.T. Westbrook October 6, 2021


I just completed this montage and I decided that I should it display here below as well.

J.T. Westbrook October 21, 2021




It wasn't until late Spring, early June of 1993, having just turned 40 only some weeks beforeon March 8th, that I actually started doing research on those series of horrifyingly cataclysmic and historically apocalyptic circumstances and events which took place in Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles County and various other locations throughout the United States, Europe


from January through December of the year 1979 there on 2nd floor newspaper microfilms collections room of what was then the UCLA Research Library, now presently redesignated thereas the Young Research library.

A time that I somehow managed surviv




was My initial surprise and astonishment at




I literally spent weeks making phone calls to every public library, college and university library in the State of Massachusetts, New England, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and the Eastern Seaboard in October 2021 that I could find on 'Google' and other internet search engines, there in an attempt to find a copy of the front page edition of the April 3, 1979 'Boston Globe' or another major newspaper in the New England area that may have also posted a front page photo or possibly inside page photo of 'Jackie O' that I first viewed at the UCLA Research Library in 1993.

Sadly enough, every public, private, college and university library located in the State of Massachusetts which had copies of the print bound-book form volumes of the 'Boston Globe' newspaper index dating back to 1960 and on into the year 2000 plus, had refused to comply with my request for an e-mail -PDF copy of that page of that 1979 'Globe' subject-person index that listed any and all articles about and or pertaining to: 'Jackie O' / Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

What I did recieve lieu for my efforts were outright lies, insults, derisive comments, snide remarks, psuedo elitist hyperbole bullshit from librarians, apparently afraid of various kinds retribution, there in the event that they should dare to comply with my request.

I should also note that any and all phone calls that made to the periodicals department of tjhe Boston Public Library in October 2021 were were either, blocked, busy or re-routed to the FBI's Boston office and or other U.S. intel orgs.

Any and all calls that I made to the dozen or more Boston Public Library branch locations during this period of time in October 2021 were always rerouted to the Main branch of the Boston Public Library. Direct phone contact with these library branch locations were and presumbly still are prohibited to myself, and the rest of the American Public so far as I know.

Some of these Boston area libraries and other Maschusetts libraries did however e-mail me PDF's of the same doctored copies of the front page of the 'Boston Globe' for April 3, 1979, shown here below on the left.

It has a photo of evacuees fleeing an area near the site of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster dated April 2, 1979.
The nuclear reactor located near Middletown, PA. and only 90 miles away from Washington, D.C. reportedly went out of
control only a week before on March 28, 1979.

The front page version of the April 3, 1979 of the 'Boston Globe', that I contend I viewed at the microfilms collection room, then located on the second floor of the UCLA Research Library in 1993, is the one I have reconstructed and is displayed below on the right, shows a photo of 'Jackie O' in New York City on April 2, 1979.

I will go into more detail on this photo source, how I was able to obtain it and the bizarrely convoluted and tumultuous circumstances under which















After weeks of ftrte